Club Awards

Active 20-30 Club of Greater Sacramento #1032 was honored with National Awards for the following terms:

2016-17 Term

  • Outstanding Scrapbook (Melissa Planas)
  • Runner-Up Outstanding President (Brenda Lusk)
  • Runner-Up Outstanding Large Club of the Year
  • Runner-Up Outstanding Fundraising Concept (Crab Feed 2017 "Toes in the Sand")

2015-16 Term

  • Outstanding Club of the Year
  • Outstanding Publication (Newsletter) of the Year (Brenda Lusk)
  • Secretary of the Year (Melissa Planas)
  • Outstanding Scrapbook (Kim Marcelli)
  • Best Convention T-shirt (Hilary Marie)
  • Runner Up Arnie Krogh President of the Year (Lawana Welch)
  • Runner Up Outstanding Public Relations (Hilary Marie)
  • Runner Up Outstanding Visitations
  • Runner Up Outstanding Public Speaking (Lauren Goff)
  • Runner Up Outstanding Fundraising Concept (2nd Annual Sactown Urban Dash)

2014-15 Term

  • “Arnie Krogh” President of the Year (Gina Loza)
  • Outstanding Treasurer (Shannon Blasingame)
  • Outstanding Scrapbook (Catherine Hall)
  • Outstanding Pin Design (Summer Lemmon & Brenda Lusk)
  • Runner-Up Club of the Year
  • Runner-Up Secretary (Brenda Lusk)
  • Runner-Up Webpage (Lauren Richardson)
  • Runner-Up Publication (Missy Sparks & Michele Spilman)
  • Runner Up Public Speaking (Brooke Droege)

2013-14 Term

  • Club of the Year
  • “Arnie Krogh” President of the Year (Catherine Hall)
  • Member of the Year (Michele Spilman)
  • Secretary of the Year (Ali Brown)
  • National Liason of the Year (Amber Jewison)

2012-13 Term

  • Treasurer of the Year (Amber Jewison)
  • National Liason of the Year (Brenda Lusk)
  • Publication of the Year
  • Visitation of the Year

2011-12 Term

  • Charity Project of the Year
  • Publication of the Year
  • Mission Statement Representative (Michele Spilman)